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How do soda refreshments affect our teeth?

Everybody likes soda refreshments, they are very popular among young people, but do we really know how this kind of drinks can affect to our teeth? Is it a myth or is it true that they are not good? Let´s check it out!

The companies of gaseous drinks would have to change the composition of his sodas and reduce his acidity, as the British Dental Association advises. The reason of this recommendation is the damage that produce these drinks in the enamel of the tooth, leaving it much more vulnerable in front of the so feared decay.

As researchers of the University of Iceland explain in the magazine 'British Dental Journal', would have to change  the recipes of these sodas and add them calcium or other agents so that they are less dangerous for the teeth.

This kind of drinks have high levels of acidity. This can damage the protective layer around the tooth and make them more sensitive and wicker.

A spokesman for the British soft drinks Association explained that people could reduce their risk of tooth erosion changing the way people consume these drinks. "To minimize the impact of these beverages, consumers should eat them during meals. They should also take them using a straw and avoiding playing with liquid in his mouth".

 "Also have to warn them about the dangers of drinking these drinks during the night. Saliva neutralizes acid but this occurs at night, so we should advise them that they do not drink soda when going to bed,"says the spokesman.


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